Skill Development Cell

Skill and knowledge are the motivating forces of growth and economic development of country. Today industry is facing severe shortage of skilled Manpower. The accelerated growth has only increased the demand for skilled manpower. The skill development centre has start functioning in our college with following objectives.
  1. To provide the platform which will cater the services in professional skill development, these will helpful to industries to get skilled manpower.
  2. To provide the platform to learn skill oriented courses under various schemes of Government of India. This provides opportunity to all students in society to learn various skill oriented courses. This is helping them in their placements.
  • To evaluate the performance of the skill development programs in objective manner.
  1. To increase the capacity and capability of the existing system in order to ensure equitable access for all
  2. To foster excellence in skill development centre, building effectiveness in delivering competency based training, and to enable trainees and other stakeholders to make informed choices with regard to skill development centre.
Our college is approved for various courses under PMKVY-TI schemes by AICTE and District Center for IIT Bombay_Spoken Tutorial.