Hostels for students are run with the primary objective of providing them a “Home away from home” where they can feel at ease and put in their best. The hostel atmosphere certainly provides self-confidence, instills discipline in the minds of students, and provides scope for developing ideals of a harmonious communal living to enable them to share the joys of camaraderie and fellowship. Self-help and a spirit of accommodation for the common good are some of the virtues expected from the inmates.


  • Application for admission to the hostel should be made in the prescribed form, which can be had from the hostel office.
  • A responsible person, parent / guardian who will comply with the formalities and procedures for admission must accompany the candidate. No student will be allowed to stay in the hostel without formal admission. The hostel administration may refuse admission to any member without assigning reasons. Every student before admission to the hostel must give an undertaking in writing that he will abide by the rules of the hostel and that he will submit to the discipline imposed on him by the authorities. This shall be confirmed in writing by the parent / guardian also in the attached declaration form.
  • Hostel Fee: The student shall pay Hostel fee for one year as onetime payment. The term for the hostel fee is one academic year as per the academic calendar of the respective programme of the concerned institute. The fee shall be paid by Cash/Demand Draft /Electronic Transfer.
  • Admission to a Hostel is provisional and will be confirmed only after approval from the Campus Administrator/Warden/Competent Authority.
    Hostel Rules and Regulations Download here. 
    Intake Capacity : 96