Admission Procedure

Admission Process (Flow Chart of CAP Rounds and About Fridge, Slide and Float Options)

Guidelines for the admission process
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Lets take a simple example about a students who got option number 20 in an allotment in round 1.
Fridge: In this case, if student thinks that option allotted to him is the best possible for him and he do not want change in the branch or college, allotted to him, he can fridge this option by reporting to admission reporting center (ARC). Once he fridge, he cannot participate in further round but he can participate in counseling round.
Slide: if a student is getting an admission in option no 20 as per above example, and he want an admission in other branch within same college, then he can opt for slide option. Kindly note option of other branch within a same college should be given in above sequence number (1 to 19). Slide is a possible only when there is availability of seat within other branch within same college. Otherwise allotted option will remain unchanged.
Float: As per above example, if student is interested to get other college than allotted to him, at option no. 20, he can opt for the float option. Other colleges in option no 1 to 19 will be scanned from the seat availability and if the seat is available in other college, new college option will be allotted.