Civil Engineering

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Under Graduate Courses (B.E.)
B.E. Civil Engineering
Post Graduate Courses (M.E.)
M.E. Structural Engineering
                       Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering. It was established in 2010-11 and it started with 60 students. The department offers both Under Graduate and Post Graduate courses in Civil Engineering. Department has been continuously making progress in teaching-learning process. The Post Graduate programme viz. M.E. (Structural Engineering) was introduced in the year 2013-14 with the intake of 18.
Civil department believes in the concept of holistic development of students, getting them out of their traditional belief of textbook environment to an all-round approach to learning. The great tradition has been maintained at the civil department through faculty members. The philosophy of the faculty members, who foster knowledge of students to prepare them not only for classes but also excel outside the classrooms in the real world.
We take care of each individual to participate in the process of making students’ career through various career development programmes. Our Committed faculty and competent staff aim to provide an excellent platform for enhancing students’ knowledge base, skills and personality to accept the challenges and changes in industrial and corporate world. We at department take efforts to provide utmost exposure to students to imbibe new skills by inculcating values of hard work.

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