Scope and Opportunities

Electronics is now a part of our everyday life from your pocket FM radio to televisions, computers, laptops, cell phones and even the high-end satellites that are helping you read this snippet now. With the evolution of the computer age, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering has crept into every sphere of human life, thus increasing its scope manifolds. One of the broadest Engineering fields, Electronics and Telecommunication involves the transmission of information across channels like coax cable or optical fiber. It mainly deals with the communication technologies with the basic electronic components, design of circuits and systems. The advancements in microelectronics, wireless and satellite communication, digital signal processing, optical fiber technology, analog and digital communication techniques have resulted in developing complex electronic circuits, devices or equipments capable of implementing fast and efficient telecommunication systems. In present era, it has rapidly evolved into many diverse areas such as mobile, telephone, wireless and satellite communication & broadcast services, computers and medical electronics. Real time transfer of audio and video signals is also now possible with recent trends in broad band technologies. Penetration of electronics has now revolutionaries other areas like health care, instrumentation, and automation, remote sensing, signal processing, digital routers, and large scale user application software tools.etc. In a nutshell, this branch of engineering deals with electronic devices and software interfaces.

Recent Trends in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

  • Embedded System and Applications.
  • Trends in Signal and Image Processing.
  • Robotics.
  • Communication Engineering.
  • Sensor Networks.
  • Low Power VLSI Design.
  • Optical Fiber Communication.
  • 3G & 4G Cellular Networks.
  • Bio medical Engineering (Instrumentation).
  • Fuzzy Logic & Neural Networks.
  • Semiconductor Fabrication.
  • Power Electronics.
  • Control Systems & Automation.
  • RF Technology


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