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B.E. Mechanical Engineering
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                       Although every engineering faculty member in every engineering department will claim that his/her field is the broadest engineering discipline, in the case of Mechanical Engineering that is actually true because the core material permeates all engineering systems (manufacturing, Design, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Material Science, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, heat transfer, control systems, etc.) Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest engineering fields but in the past 20 years has undergone a rather remarkable transformation as a result of a number of new technological developments including Computer Aided Design (CAD), Simulation, Sensor and actuators, 3D printing, Collaboration with other fields.
The Department of Mechanical Engineering is a center of excellence in teaching and research. It was established in 2009-10 with 60 intake at UG level. It has been grown up with 120 intake for UG. The department offers both Under Graduate (B.E.) and Post Graduate course (M.E.) in Mechanical Engineering (CAD/CAM). In today’s fast-changing world, the ever-growing challenges of limited resources, rapid climate changes and preservation of environment demand a new generation of mechanical engineers cultivated in the necessary skills and innovative spirit to meet them. Over the years the department has grown strongly. The department produces Mechanical Engineers with high academic excellence and practical, industrial expertise. At the Department of Mechanical Engineering, we are committed to achieving excellence in training not only competent manpower for the profession, but in nurturing engineer-leaders with the ingenuity and drive to provide innovative and bold solutions to these global challenges.

Important Points:

  • Continuous assessment of student considering the university curriculum.
  • Qualified and enthusiastic staff.
  • Department is equipped with quality Laboratory Facilities such as Diesel Engine Test Rig, Turbines, High resolution Metallurgical Trinacular Microscope.
  • Industrial exposure through workshop, conference, invited talk, Industrial Tours and Seminars.
  • Students and Faculties encouragement through participation in conferences, competitions as an academic building initiative.

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