Academic Monitoring Cell

Prof A V Harkut,
M.Tech(VLSI Design).
Assistant Professor,

EMail Id:
[email protected]
There shall be an Academics Committee consisting of Principal as the Chairman and Academic Incharge as the Member Secretary. The committee shall meet at least twice during an academic session. The committee shall have the following constitution.
  1. Principal -Chairman
  2. All the Head of the Departments – Ex Officio Members.
  3. The Coordinators of the following cells shall be the Members
    • Enrollments & Student Welfare Cell
    • Examinations Cell
  • Extracurricular & Enrichment Cell
  • Games & Sports Cell
  • Placement & Alumni Cell
  • Skill Development & Training Cell
4. Internal Quality Assurance Incharge(IQAC)–Member Secretary.
The powers and duties of the committee shall be:
  1. Formulate the draft policies for the academic matters like preparation of academic calendar, student’s attendance, teaching learning process evaluation, student’s feedback, students’ internal assessment and any other matters related to the academics and students.
  2. Approve the institutes’ Academic Calendar with reference to the university prescribed academic calendar.
  3. Approve the schedules and activities proposed by the member cells i.e. enrollments, examinations, training, placement, extracurricular activities, games & sports.
  4. Maintain uniformity in scheduling and implementing various academic activities as regards to the academic calendar, time table, theory & lab conduction, submissions and assessment, etc.
  5. Maintain uniformity in various cells directly related with the students as regards to the academics, enrollments, examinations, training, placement, extracurricular activities, games & sports etc.
Academic Calendar: The academic activities of the Institute shall be regulated by Academic Calendar prepared by the Examinations Cell and approved by the Academics Committee. It shall be made available to the students / Faculty members and all other concerned in printed/ electronics form. It is mandatory for Students / Faculty to strictly adhere to the academic calendar