Clean & Green Campus Cell

Prof. Ganesh P Deshmukh,
Assistant Professor,

EMail Id:

[email protected]
A Green Campus is a place where environmental friendly practices and education combine to promote sustainable and eco-friendly practices in the campus. The green campus concept offers an institution the opportunity to take the lead in redefining its environmental culture and developing new paradigms by creating sustainable solutions to environmental, social and economic needs of the mankind.
                The College is a ‘Clean and Green Campus’ for it has a very clean, green and beautiful landscape and plantations that provide an excellent ambience for learning. Some of the major functions of the cell are, (but not limited to): Water-harvesting activity has been undertaken in the campus, resulting in high ground-water levels. Rain Water Harvesting is done to enhance the ground water availability. Recycling of waste water has been undertaken to reuse the water. The college is using solar panels and generates alternative power sources such as Solar electricity and make use of LEDs to reduce power consumption. Waste management is also been taken into consideration.
     College is focusing on following points in general:
  1. Build consensus on the need for maintaining a Clean and Green Campus among campus leaders at student level, faculty level and campus level.
  2. Facilitate design of specific interventions for making the campus clean and green by following international standards and accepted parameters.
  3. Monitor the existing environmental performance of the campus in a participatory and transparent way.
  4. Present a step-by-step guide for making the campus clean and green.
  5. Generate case studies on best Swachh practices adopted on the campus which can serve as models for other institutions to adopt.
The Clean & Green Campus Cell Coordinator shall work in coordination with other Cell Coordinators and HODs.