Purchase Committee

The Central Purchase Committee is formed to look into the matter relating Purchase of equipment, software, furniture, consumables & books etc., for college to till further orders. The committee is responsible for stock verification & disposal after every academic year with the approval of Principal. The responsibilities & functions shall be include (but not limited to) the followings.
  1. It invites the requirements from the Heads of the Departments for equipment, software, furniture, consumables, books etc.
  2. After receiving the requisitions the committee will call for quotations/ release tender notifications calling for quotations
  3. After receiving the quotations it forwards the same to the concerned departments for preparing comparative statement and recommends for placing order.
  4. Based on the Departmental purchase committee recommendation, orders will be placed to the suppliers.
  5. On supply of equipment and after installation based on the certificate from the HOD the bills will be forwarded to the Principal/Management for payment to the suppliers.

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