Why Civil Engineering?

Though Civil Engineering is one of the conventional branches in engineering it has still retained its position in the creative and modern world of today. This is due to all-round development in housing, urban development, transportation (roads, railways, airports, Docks, Harbors, bridges), water resources, water supply and treatment, sewage treatment. Along with these core sectors of civil engineering and allied sectors like thermal and Hydropower (generation, transmission, distribution), off-shore projects, mining projects, telecom sector, space program, nuclear power plants are also growing. All these fields invariably need services of civil engineers. The contribution of civil engineers to society is undoubted and well established. The houses that we live in, the water that we drink, the water that we use for our agriculture (through dams & canals), the roads, railways & bridges, recreation and tourist places are due to dedicated & sincere efforts of civil engineers. The versatile branch of civil engineering is often referred to as evergreen branch as all new graduates do find some kind of job or more often entrepreneurs.

In the engineering field civil is the best choice due to following reasons:

  1. More Job opportunities: In civil Engineering, lots of opportunities are available not only in government sector but also in private sector.
  2. Less Competition: The no civil engineers are less as compared to the requirement of civil Engineers in the market and also graduates of other branches.
  3. Own Business: This is the branch in which there is major scope of building your carrier as own.
  4. Wide scope: Civil Engineering is one of the basic core branches which is directly related to basic need of human being i.e. shelter. Hence there is huge requirement of civil engineers.