Why Mechanical Engineering?

1. Joy of Creation :
Candidate gets the opportunity to create something tangible and useful. Candidate creations will be used by others. It gives students the greatest joy.

2. Wide Opportunity:
It’s the broadest branch of engineering so your career options are open even after u graduate Defense, Civil services, High end R&D, Manufacturing, Design, Energy sector, Management, Entrepreneurship, Masters(ME/MS)

3. Range of variety to be learnt :
You learn how to design and make things ranging from a Safety Pin to a Spacecraft.

4. Imagination :
Easy to imagine and visualize whatever you learn.

5. Management :
Develop a range of skills you learn the work of a machine operator (machinist), a smith, a foundry man, a mechanic, a plant manager, a researcher and a policy maker.

6. Variety :
You work with massive machines (majestic in nature) to tiny precision instruments, micro and nano devices.

7. Cater Society Needs :
Importance of you is work. You form the human resource that is required for the survival of any industry and forms the backbone of modern human life. You are the person who may generate power/energy from natural resources, make equipments and processes to mine minerals, make cars, bikes, buses, trucks, planes, ships (transportation can be compared to human blood that transports nutrients), and make machines that manufacture products ranging from food to surgical instruments to weapons, mange factories and businesses.

8. Versatility :
A mechanical engineering education is an excellent foundation for work in other fields. Some mechanical engineers work on medical problems, such as the mechanics of bones and joints, or the fluid dynamics of the circulatory system. Mechanical engineers deal with economic issues, from the cost of a single component, to the economic impact of a manufacturing plant. M.E.’s can be found in sales, engineering management, and corporate management. Versatility is a decided asset in a world that is undergoing constant economic, political, industrial, and social change. Mechanical engineers are educated and positioned, not only to adapt, but to define and direct change.

9. Easy Employability :
Get paid handsomely (after gaining a few years experience and even if as a fresher).

10. Everyday Science In a notoriously tough graduate job market it’s fair to say that degree-level engineers have an edge. Engineers build societies and, mechanical engineers specifically, apply fundamental maths and physics laws to create and build mechanical devices we use every day.